Money raised by you is 8710,32 US Dollars

Sharing the joy!!

Because of your generous contributions, Helping Angel supplied toys and food to over 66 poor families and more than 100 homeless street children this past Christmas, as well as supplying toys, food and money to a homeless shelter.

This was a gallant effort and I thank you from the bottom of my heart to all that helped these children at Christmas time.  It was a great start for Helping Angel Charities. But it cannot end here!

These same families are still poor and those same street children are without homes or someone who cares for them.  They have no hope for a future and will continue to be poor or live on the streets until something more is done.

After generations of no education, it is easy to see why these families and children have no hope for a future. In this troubled economy that we live in, it is hard to find work. It is even worse in many places in the Philippines. This is why Helping Angel is trying to find solutions to this problem.

The more children who receive an education, the better chance they will have of being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, education is not supplied by tax money in the Philippines. Each family must pay for their children to attend school. When these families are digging through the trash to find food to eat, how can we expect them to be able to pay for their education.

HelpingAngel.net, founded by Gel B, is located in the Angeles City area. It serves the local areas of Angeles City to provide a small amount of joy to needy families and children. There are many private donors and organizations that will step forward to supply need-based charities. Unfortunately, these charities help the larger cities and don’t reach the rural areas or smaller towns. Families continue to go without food and a good number of these families don’t even have a home to go to.

Helping Angel, will provide tuition and school supplies for homeless children and families who can’t afford the tuition.
Helping Angel, works in conjunction with the local churches as volunteers prepare and deliver personally to these needy families and children in the local communities. Since everything is volunteer, 100% of all donations go to the cause of helping families in need.

Luckily, there are generous people like you, who donate their time and gifts for this wonderful cause. Please help to give these children hope for a future and donate what you can.